House of Lies

How do you survive when your world falls to pieces? When Megan Lacey’s lover dies in a car accident, she retreats to a small coastal town certain, she will never recover from his loss. Until, that is, she discovers everything she’d thought real has been an illusion.

Grappling with a series of catastrophic events, Megan finds herself walking back into the past to an older story of love and betrayal.

Slowly and and irrevocably, she is drawn to Sophia, a Victorian woman who once occupied the same cottage and who, in so many ways, is her counterpart. But centuries later, can she help the woman escape her fate? And can the past help Megan herself find happiness?

Praise for House of Lies:

Wonderful story which is beautifully written. Reader Review

I love time slip novels and this one didn’t disappoint, as it was full of intrigue and had me gripped from the start. Reader Review

This is a lovely story and another of Merryn Allingham’s superb novels – time travel, mystery, betrayal, romance, this novel has it all and I cannot praise it too highly. Amazon Reader

This was another gripping read from Merryn Allingham. As always, she writes beautifully about relationships, secrets and lies, particularly how they affect her heroines. Amazon Reader

The past and present were so skillfully interwoven and the characters and story so compelling that I genuinely found it difficult to put down. Amazon Reader


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