House of Glass

Appearances don’t always reveal the truth. Grace Latimer knows that better than most. A troubled past has trapped her in illusions of commitment and comfort – until Nick Heysham charms his way into her world. Commissioned to recover a prestigious architect’s missing designs for the Great Exhibition, he persuades her to assist in his research. The mystery of the Crystal Palace seduces Grace, and once she discovers clues about a forbidden Victorian love affair, she is lured into the deep secrets of the past… secrets that resemble her own.

As Grace digs into the elusive architect’s untold story, the ghosts of guilt and forbidden passion slip free. And history is bound to repeat itself, unless Grace finds the courage to break the glass …

Well – what a book! And what a beautifully crafted intermingling of several stories, from the present and from the Victorian era. The two main stories are told a couple of chapters at a time, switching from one era to the other as lives are explored and the characters developed.

Praise for House of Glass

This is a beautifully written book filled with: history, mystery, romance and passion.
Go on a journey through the past,visit the Great Exhibition, follow the lives and loves of Merryn’s characters as they are lovingly portrayed. This book is a lovely escape into a different time but the lives of all four characters are entwined as they twist and turn throughout the book.
It is an amazing story well deserving of 5 stars. Reader Review

For this reader it is the vitality and immediacy of the writing around the Great Exhibition which makes it stand out. It gives the reader a ‘real’ experience of being there, something which can be hard to find elsewhere. Reader review

This is a beautifully written book filled with: history, mystery, romance and passion. Reader Review

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