The Officer's Wife

Bombay, 1938. Growing up in the misery of the orphanage, then as a girl in service in the West End, Daisy Driscoll never dreamed that her wedding day would be like this. She stands in the heat of the April sun, her best dress clinging to her skin and the suitcase by her side her only possession. Daisy doesn’t feel like a bride, but allows herself to be led through the busy, jasmine-scented streets to the church.

At the altar, she barely recognizes the handsome cavalry officer who stole her heart in London. Gerald won’t look at her, and speaks so coldly. She smells the liquor on his breath. That’s why he sent another officer to meet her off the boat in his stead.

Gerald is keeping something from her — he is not the man he says he is . . . Has she made a terrible mistake?

Afterwards, Gerald returns to work and Daisy is left alone in the remote, imposing house that is supposed to be her marital home. With only the haughty officers’ wives for company, Daisy is glad to make the acquaintance of one upstanding civil servant, Mr Grayson Harte.

But Daisy must tread carefully, for the path she walks is paved with danger and deceit . . .

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