The Nurse’s War

It’s 1941 and Daisy Driscoll is working around the clock as a nurse in rubble-strewn London. As a first-hand witness to the trauma of war, the cacophony of guns and bombs assailing the dark empty streets of the city are now the soundtrack to her life.

Yet this isn’t the only battle Daisy is fighting. Unknowingly, she has fallen into a web of intrigue and must fight to save herself and those she loves. Fight, too, the memory of her husband’s cruel betrayal while she tries to forge a new and independent life.

An unforgettable sequel to The Girl from Cobb Street

Praise for The Nurse’s War

Well-written and easy to read, this charming book is so descriptive in places, you can imagine yourself being there …if you enjoy historical nursing fiction, you will love this book. 

Nursing Times, July 2015

Drew me in from the beginning! Reader Review

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