Daisy’s Long Road Home

It’s 1948 and Daisy Driscoll is working as a qualified Sister in a Brighton hospital. The war may be over, but Daisy’s heart is in turmoil. Abandoned in childhood and haunted by the experience of her first marriage, she no longer trusts anyone.

Convinced the roots of her identity lie in the East, and desperate to find the truth, she leaps at the chance to leave her lonely life behind and travel with an old lover, Grayson Harte, back to India. As she uncovers long-hidden and dangerous secrets about the family she never knew, will she be able to put the past behind her and find happiness after all?

Praise for Daisy’s Long Road Home

The author has done her research…..The tale is well told with plenty of suspense…the characters are well-drawn and convincing. Historical Novels Review, February 2016.

A real page turner. Reader Review

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