A Tale of Two Sisters

Separated by time and distance, two sisters seek answers for all they’ve lost.

When Alice Verinder’s beloved sister Lydia goes missing, Alice boards the Orient Express bound for Topkapi Palace in Constantinople, determined to find her.

Lydia was governess to the Sultan’s young children and though her letters spoke of exotic delights and welcoming hosts, the reception Alice receives is decidedly cold and answers unforthcoming.

Now, as Alice digs deeper into the secrets of a land foreign to her she has only Englishman Harry Frome to help her. But as their search uncovers unforeseen dangers and exposes an unexpected passion, is Alice ready for the truths they’ll uncover?

Praise for A Tale of Two Sisters

I have just finished this book and am overwhelmed at such a wonderful story …it will stay with me for a long time to come. Reader Review

I’ve read other novels by this author and enjoyed them all. This was no exception. She writes beautifully of Istanbul in Edwardian times, her characters are appealing and intriguing and the story quickly drew me in. Reader Review

With the story told in time-slip, it was not only intriguing but the suspense had me reading late into the night. Reader Review

I loved this book it is full of mystery and romance which keeps you turning the pages, and the historical setting is well written evoking a sense of the era. Reader Review

Really brilliant book had me sitting on the edge of my seat totally captivating from the first page great plot that kept you wondering hoping till the end of the book can’t wait to read more by this fantastic author. Reader Review


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