The London Reckoning

A woman alone. A man obsessed with revenge. A history that refuses to die.

Nancy Tremayne has returned to London, a lonely and isolated figure, weighed down by a shroud of sorrow. Slowly, though, the possibility of a different life begins to emerge. A pathway that beckons her to a new future.

But how is she to take the first step, when the past is once more stalking her every move. A past that is violent and unrelenting. And who in this nightmare world can she trust when terror looms and death threatens?

A superb finale to the Tremayne Mysteries Series

See what reviewers have to say about this bestselling mystery suspense series:

The story is a roller-coaster of a read, with plenty of tension and suspense.

Merryn’s characters are real and she always sets the scene beautifully: in this case Britain in the early 1950s.

The social constraints of the 1950s are keenly observed and add much to this well-written story.

This is an intriguing historical mystery, and the protagonist is so complex and interesting, and the mystery so well done that you’ll find yourself trapped between the pages.

A well-paced book with so many twists and turns that kept me guessing most of the way through.

A brilliant gripping story which captures the reader from the very first page.

Another beautifully written book by this author – the characters were great and the story so well thought out.

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