Cornish Requiem

An idyllic Cornish village—but death is always close

Nancy Tremayne has never felt welcome at Penleven, her husband’s family home. But when Leo’s father falls ill, she is forced to make a rare visit to Port Madron, a sleepy Cornish fishing village where nothing much happens. Or so it seems.

It’s not long, though, before Nancy becomes convinced that below the calm surface something truly evil is going on. Her father-in-law’s heart attack isn’t simply bad luck. His friend’s death isn’t an accident. And the threatening letters… are they being sent by a resentful villager to create fear, or are the men pushing to buy the Tremayne tin mine behind the bubbling unrest?

With the help of Archie, Leo’s assistant, Nancy gradually finds the answers she’s looking for. Together, they uncover a plot of horrific revenge. But not before they face the most dangerous situation of their lives – and not before they become ever more deeply entangled in a forbidden love.

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